Yoga and International Community Experience

Yoga Tools for inner peace

15 – 20 JULY 2023

Maiolo – Emilia Romagna 

In the verdant hills of the Romagna Apennines, with panoramic views that take in ​​the Adriatic coast and the historic village of San Leo (described as ‘one of the most beautiful in Italy’), a new community is rising.

The new intentional and international community consists of people who wish to live together in close harmony with nature, practising core values of sharing and mutual care, with the vision to create a happier, more sustainable world. The community welcomes people across the globe to come and experience its special mission: to learn to give and to grow and, most importantly, to rejuvenate their spirits and find meaning in working with others to build a more conscious future. 

The house of the community is in the process of being restored. This sounds unusual for a holiday, yet the beauty of the retreat is to offer unique immersion in yoga practice in an innovative and joyful community project. Everyone who participates on this yoga retreat will contribute their personal sparkle of energy to warm our collective hearth.

It will be both a humbling and exciting experience to live together for a few days, sharing in extended family values ​​and friendship within a special communal setting. This is how the truest, most sacred things are born.
You may not find perfection, but you will find truth, heart and a full desire to create beauty and meaning.

I invite you to a deepening of Yoga and Meditation as guests of this nascent multilingual community.

Yoga and meditation practices will be held in both English and Italian. 

This International Community Experience is also highly recommended for adults, children, adolescents and young people. It offers a rare opportunity in cultural exchange for young people to meet others from different parts of the world, speaking English, French, Spanish and Italian. 

We will all eat together during this yoga retreat and, if you wish, you will have the chance to dedicate some time to working with others on the premises. This is an important part of spiritual practice called “seva“, “,selfless service, help to the community for the sole joy of giving: an interesting and rewarding option for both young people and adults.

  • We warmly welcome families with children. 
  • You will have a swimming pool available to relax and many walks in nature around the area.
  • Stay includes full board with beautiful nutritious food from the local area
  • You will be able to experience an international community lifestyle in Italy: the meals will be consumed together with the people living permanently and temporarily at the venue.
  • You will have the time to explore the picturesque surroundings and nearby towns, such as: San Leo, Sant’arcangelo and the Teatro in Piazza festival (7-16 July 2023), the tufaceous caves, Montebello Castle, Rimini, the Republic of San Marino, horseback riding in nature, meditative walks in the woods, swimming in the stream and more.
  • You could also contribute to help for some time, only if you wish to do seva, which is one of the basic practices for a yoga practitioner.
  • The experience will be very useful also for your sons and daughters: they will have the opportunity to practise Italian, Spanish, French and English.

Workshop Hours

“Yoga tools for inner Peace” 

Hours/ Orari
7.00 – 8.00      Morning meditation practice
8.30 – 9.30      Breakfast
10.30  – 13.00  Hatha yoga and pranayama (breathing) practices
13.30 – 14.30   Lunch
17.00 -19.30    Spiritual talk and hatha yoga practices
20.00 – 21.30   Dinner

Workshop starts on july 15th morning/ it ends july 20th after lunch
You can arrive the same date and join the evening practices or arrive the day (or days) before.

Costs per person
children under 12 apply 50% discount

560,00 euro  Accomodation full board. (single, double and family rooms same price)
                      Yoga practices
                       Advance payment  300,00 euro within June 15th, 2023
79,00 euro each extra night per person





Info + Booking

Federica Gazzano 0039 349.060.9912


Yoga teacher: Federica Gazzano

Yoga, meditation, oriental massage practitioner since 1978
Yoga and meditation teacher for 23 years
Traditional  Thai Yoga Massage teacher for 23 years
Professional Art Counselor for 15 years
A life devoted to spiritual evolution
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